• ACCREDITED, inspected, Pre-qualified health facilities

• BOard Certified Surgeons

• 400+ destinations IN the USA

• No need to travel outside the USA

Your medical tourism journey awaits

Modern, Accredited, Inspected, Vetted.

Choose from a variety of hospitals and outpatient surgical facilities that have been pre-inspected and approved according to our rigorous internally-published standards.  We have health facilities at destinations all throughout the USA to meet your needs and preferences. Warm, cool, humid, dry, beachside, desert, mountains, forests, urban and rural settings await your arrival.

Appropriate Accommodations

With medical travel, not every hotel is appropriate for your stay or recovery. It depends on the procedure you’ll have an other medical and preference considerations.

We inspect each property, work with management to ensure your needs can be accommodated, and inspect each room our clients are assigned to ensure the furniture, floor coverings, power outlets, water quality, and other safety and security requirements are upheld.  Upon approval, we negotiate exclusive discounted rates not available to the general public.

Your Food. Your Way.

If you prefer to prepare your own meals, your choices are supported with convenient online ordering and delivery of groceries.

Fully-prepared meals in a variety of cuisines, and prescription medication delivery is also available, no problem at all.  This is a checklist item included in our rigorous destination selection criteria. It has to have it all, not just doctors and hospitals to be included in our program.

How We Define Medical Tourism

Health tourism is an experiential product that offers an unforgettable visitor experience. It is produced  by combining carefully coordinated travel to a destination, an opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of its people, its culture and its history, the rest and rejuvenation of its accommodations, the unique flavors and recipes of local and regional gastronomy, and the precision and compassion its health services providers working collaboratively. Together, they produce the elements to create a unique visitor experience and story-telling value that will be shared for generations.” — Dr. Maria Todd, founder and CEO of Mercury Healthcare International, and author of the Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development.

Your next medical tourism journey to your chosen health & wellness destination begins here!

At Medical Tourism Journeys, you’ll enjoy unforgettable experiences that combine cash pay surgery for over 200 medical and dental procedures with medical travel and hospitality at leading, accredited health facilities in the USA. 

You’ll receive compassionate care provided by vetted doctors, dentists, therapists, researchers and allied health practitioners that have been reviewed and approved in accordance with our proprietary standards for care, quality, safety, and hospitality.

  • Surgery, Diagnostics, Clinical Trials, Dental and Medical Checkups in the USA and Canada
  • Substance Abuse, Eating Disorder and Physical Rehabilitation and Treatments in the USA
  • Sports Medicine Diagnostics, Rehab and Surgery in the USA
  • Personalized cancer diagnosis and staging and treatment plans in the USA without travel – from a blood draw
  • Performing Arts Medicine, Diagnostics, Rehab and Surgery for dancers, speakers, musicians, and other performing artists in the USA
  • Weight Loss and Fitness & Nutrition Escapes in the USA
  • Spa and Wellness Resort Travel in the USA and Canada
  • Nutrition counseling and Destination Cooking Classes in the USA
  • Mommy Makeovers (Procedures include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction contouring of stomach and lower back, Labiaplasty, stretch mark treatments, breast lift, extended tummy tuck or full belt lipectomy, additional liposuction and fat grafting to the buttocks for cosmetic enhancement (Brazilian butt lift) in the USA
  • Stem Cell Treatments in the USA
  • Anterior Hip Replacement in the USA from $17,985

Get a Cash Pay-All Inclusive Price for Your Procedure that includes:

The prices for the procedures listed on this website include the following:

  • Health facility fees —Operating Room and Recovery Areas
  • Physician/Surgeon’s Fees
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Standard Implants and Hardware
  • Overnight Stay (up to 23-hour Overnight/Extended Stay for applicable procedures)
  • Assistance with filing for any insurance reimbursement you may have available
  • Assistance with all travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Care coordination with your follow up doctor back home
  • Outcomes and satisfaction monitoring for up to 36 months. We want to know how you are doing over the long term.

A list of what is NOT included in the surgical fees we quote is as follows:

  • Any necessary diagnostic studies prior to the surgery such as lab work, MRI, and/or X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging
  • Any unanticipated Lab Fees or Pathology Reports for Biopsies or Tissue samples that are collected during the surgery
  • Consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation after the surgery
  • Physical rehab care facilities 
  • Lodging and travel expenses
  • Expenses or fees resulting from complications during or subsequent to the completion of surgery and discharge from the facility

Additional Services We Provide

  • Travel Coordination for Organ Transplantation
  • Dialysis Travel  (U.S. and international)
  • Pharmacy Travel (travel to purchase high-cost prescriptions)
  • Telehealth for Initial Consultations, Second Opinions and Follow Up
  • Personal Assistance by Medical Tourism Journey Managers™ 
  • Specialized Travel Planning for your health and wellness journey
  • Options to fit every lifestyle and budget
  • Trips and packages for groups, individuals, couples and families

How We Work

We charge an initial fee to review your case and help you select a provider. ($129)

We charge a flat fee (varies by the complexity, duration and other personal requirements) to provide our professional services to help you and your travel companion:

  • find the right providers at the right destinations
  • coordinate all records exchange with providers at the destination
  • coordinate all records exchange with to your hometown physician after surgery in anticipation of follow up care
  • coordinate all round trip travel (shuttles, air, train, bus, and even self-driving route maps and travel stops along the way)
  • arrange for rental, delivery and pickup of any medical equipment (oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, hyperbaric oxygen, reclining chairs, etc.) you may need during recuperation at the destination
  • arrange for rental, delivery and pickup of any medical equipment (oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, hyperbaric oxygen, reclining chairs, etc.) you may need during recuperation at home
  • arrange for accommodations at appropriate hospitality outlets that have the setup that’s right for your personalized recuperation needs
  • arrange from grocery and prescription delivery to your accommodation (snacks, self-catering – you mark the list and we arrange pick up and delivery to your exact specifications)
  • arrange for any hotel-based nursing care or wound care or physical therapy /rehab at the destination
  • arrange for any home-based nursing care or wound care or physical therapy /rehab at home
  • monitor your post-operate aftercare progress, clinical outcomes, and satisfaction, measure and track improvement and remain available to address any complications or concerns
  • act as your personal concierge to coordinate any destination tourism and activities you may wish to enjoy (sightseeing tours, theater, fine dining, galleries, museums, points of interest)
  • a local concierge who will check in on you periodically at the destination and coordinate any requests you may have or run any errands you may need help with.


We don’t add any mark ups to actual costs of any rentals, groceries, or other services. You see the actual invoices.

Our value proposition is in knowing which providers to call and in the specialized pre-screening and inspections we do to ensure your safety and comfort and freedom from concern about any details other than getting better.  We also add value in the exclusive negotiated rates with pre-approved hotels and serviced apartment accommodations that you won’t find online. Hotels and resorts give us their best rates because of the volumes of room nights we reserve. We have also negotiated discounts on published airfare prices and shuttle and transportation to and from the airport that you won’t find online.

It all starts with a single, no-obligation, no-fee call.

Call (800) 727.4160 to discuss your cash pay medical travel surgery, today!

About Us

We’ve been in business since 1983. We assist approximately 1600 clients per year.  Our CEO is one of the most recognized authorities in health tourism business development in the world, and the author of the leading industry books on medical tourism destination development, quality, safety, and a former nurse and hospital executive.  She also helped to develop and patent the world’s most popular medical tourism logistics coordination software and holds a trademark registration from the USPTO for a new industry term of art, the Globally Integrated Health Delivery System® which forms the basic infrastructure for our network of health facilities, providers, accommodations, and ground support ancillary services you’ll enjoy.  We are headquartered in St George, Utah.