Stories from our Clients

No matter where you want to travel for healthcare, Medical Tourism Journeys can help you obtain quotes and exclusive pricing, coordinate your travel, engage ground support (drivers, interpreters, tour guides, etc.) at your destination, arrange all your consultations, diagnostic testing and medical procedures, determine if your insurance will pay for your travel and treatment costs, and more. It all starts with the convenience of a single phone call.

Sleep Study in Las Vegas

"The good folks at Medical Tourism Journeys helped me arrange an overnight sleep study in Las Vegas.  I live in a small town in Southern Utah which has limited medical services. The home sleep studies had been unsuccessful, and the local sleep study place couldn't get me in for four months.  I called Medical Tourism Journeys and within an hour my insurance benefits had been verified.

Veyo, Utah

Cancer Care in Chicago

"I am the 14th person in my family (immediate and extended) to be diagnosed with cancer. Twelve have already passed away. I discovered a treatment I wanted to try but didn't know where to go. The folks at Medical Tourism Journeys arranged for me to travel from Florida to Chicago by my own private vehicle because I don't like to fly. Within 6 hours of my first call, I had a price quote, verification that my Blue Cross

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

2nd Opinion in Utah

"My husband is 84 years old and on Medicare. We live in a small town in Arizona that has no hospital. The nearest one to us is 35 miles north. That's where we've gone for all our doctoring. My husband has had an ankle replacement in the past. He fell about 8 months ago at hour home and had ankle pain that started about 2 months later. After 6 visits to our regular orthopedist, we were frustrated

Littlefield, AZ

Stem Cells in San Diego

"I had heard about stem cell treatments for my condition, but the Medical Tourism Journeys staff helped me arrange a consultation and stem cell injection of my own cells in San Diego with a clinic owned by a person with my same condition. Everyone took such great care of me and my husband on our journey.  Every other place wanted to use cells from recovered cord blood. I wanted my own cells. 

Palatine, Illinois

Dental Implants in Utah

"I live in Denver, Colorado and needed an implant for a tooth that cracked. The local dentist that my friends recommended wanted over $8000 to do the job, and wanted to sell me their special insurance and finance package. Medical Tourism Journeys arranged for me to travel to Southern Utah to the friendliest clinic I've ever been to for $6000 less.

Denver, CO

Alzheimer's Care in Las Vegas

"My husband is war veteran who now has Alzheimer's disease. We live in Bullhead City, AZ and travel to Las Vegas for service connected care at the VA, but the Alzheimer's was not service connected, so we were on our own. I always wondered about that new place in Las Vegas. The Medical Tourism Journeys team set everything up, confirmed that Medicare would pay for the consultation,

Bullhead City, AZ

Eye Surgery in Spain

"I suffered a detached retina in a car accident in Nigeria. There were no clinics to help save my eye. The experts at Medical Tourism Journeys helped me arrange to have my problem repaired in a private university medical center in Northern Spain. All the other medical tourism companies wanted me to go to India.

Lagos, Nigeria

Infertility Care in Athens

"We wanted a baby but the cost in the USA was more than we could afford. The Medical Tourism Journeys staff arranged our consultation and treatment in Athens, Greece. My husband and I traveled to Athens, stayed in a hotel close by the clinic, and arranged the treatment by a clinic that spoke fluent English all for less than half the cost of the clinics in the USA.

Wichita, KS

Exoskeleton for Paraplegia

"We live in a small town in rural Western Kansas that has a tiny hospital with only 25 beds. My husband was injured in a bad car wreck. He suffered a spinal cord injury but we couldn't afford the ReWalk system ($83,500) and the training wasn't available near us. The settlement we got for the accident didn't cover much after paying off all the initial bills and the attorney's percentage.

Ruleton, KS