Viscosupplementation, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Stem Cells, Artificial Knee Replacements and Knee Implant Revision Surgeries, MAKOplasty, ACL Reconstruction and more

These procedures are only a few of the latest approaches in treatment of knee pain, instability and complicated knee problems.

Has your doctor told you that it may be time to think about knee surgery?

Your personal physician is the best source of information about new knee surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures. They may be able to perform the procedures and order tests using modern medical technologies, drugs, implants and other resources they've learned about through continuing medical education.  But what happens when you need treatments, surgeries or other medical services not available where you usually obtain your healthcare?

For decades, people all over the world have faced this dilemma and solved their problem with medical travel.

Now, through Medical Tourism Journeys, you can access the knee surgery and non-surgical treatments you want or need. Find a surgeon, or get an unbiased second opinion from specialists all over the world with just a single call.  Whether you have a definitive diagnosis or your are just starting to investigate your options, place a call to our experts, toll free, at +1.800.727.4160.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including


We research and inspect each Approved provider clinic, hospital and translational research laboratory with which we coordinate care. 

New technologies, treatments, and surgery approaches give hope to the patient with knee pain and disability. Not all procedures and techniques are available in all locations. For this reason, medical travel is required to connect the patient to the care or treatment required or desired.  We research the providers, their clinical outcomes, the laboratories and hospitals where they work, their statistics on patient safety and satisfaction, cost effectiveness, and how they use  and create solutions, share expertise, and use new scientific and surgical techniques to create precise treatments, prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation.  

We work with treatment and research Centers of Excellence in North America and Abroad

You may be surprised at the destination and treatment options you have through Medical Tourism Journeys.  We partner with best of breed private, clinics, hospitals, same-day surgery centers, and academic medical centers that are affiliated with internationally renowned universities and world-class medical centers.  We review their accreditations, certifications, outcomes, safety and security practices, and patient satisfaction survey scores prior to inviting them to join Mercury Health Travel's Approved Provider Network, a proprietary globally-integrated health delivery system® owned by Mercury Healthcare International.  This is the exclusive network of medical, dental, rehab and wellness providers and health facilities offered to Medical Tourism Journeys' individual consumer clients.


Whether you'd like to fly or drive to your treatment destination,  Medical Tourism Journeys will plan all your medical travel.  

Our travel coordinators will arrange every aspect of your medical travel journey to your medical tourism destination. We begin with a telephone interview to learn your preferences, medical travel requirements, budget, and other details. Specially-trained medical travel agents use this information to plan your driving route and hotel stops along the way or to book your travel itinerary with airlines using cash or mileage awards. We are not paid commissions on any travel arrangements by airlines or car rental or hotel suppliers.

We apply any available discounts and incentives we can find to save you money.

We can often save from 10-60% on airline tickets and access special discounted hotel rates exclusively available to our clients. We prefer to pass savings on to you rather than receive commission payments from medical travel suppliers.  They are usually happy to pass on exclusive savings to our clients if they are not required to pay commission payments for referrals. This is one way we outperform most of our medical tourism competitors to the benefit of our clients.


Clinical, cost, and patient satisfaction outcomes are three advanced metrics we review to select Approved providers.

When we select providers for our Approved provider network, we review their published clinical outcomes and comparative costs. We also conduct our own clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction by direct interview and tracking for each client we assist. This extended care continuity and measurement is another way we differentiate ourselves from medical tourism companies throughout the world.  The tool we use was developed by the Rand Corporation, specifically for use by healthcare providers.  These measures rely upon patient self-reporting through quick, focused interviews. This is the same tool that is widely utilized by managed care organizations and by Medicare for routine monitoring and assessment of care outcomes in adult patients.

Before you decide on a medical travel facilitator, ask if your medical tourism coordinator receives commissions or marketing fees.

As patient advocates, we provide out clients with valuable, unbiased, advice about healthcare providers, facilities, destinations, costs, all without conflicts of interest. The fees we charge include fair compensation for specialized medical travel case management. As a result, you'll often pay less by working with us and get far more service and convenience - which is critical when you are suffering from knee pain and disability and are focused on improving your knee problems and mobility to live the life you want on your terms and activity level.

If you'd like to know more about our providers and your options,

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