Medical Tourism Journeys relies upon standards and criteria published by Mercury Healthcare International

When our inspection teams conduct site inspections and mystery shops of hotels and spas that request to be added to our Approved Provider Network, we review many unique medical, dental and wellness tourism appropriateness criteria that most other medical tourism companies haven't even begun to consider.

Among our proprietary criteria, cleanliness, safety, location, age, and modern technologies both for rooms and public areas, free and fast Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, sufficient amenities, generous hot water for showers, enough towels, quiet HVAC, good lighting for all needs, entertainment facilities and security. These are the minimum expectation. To be promoted as a "luxury" accommodation requires much more than the basics. 

Our first concern is quality and appropriateness for our clients' medical or wellness centered requirements. These aren't criteria they ask for because most medical. dental, dialysis, and wellness providers don't know what's best for their health and safety - they just want comfort, proximity, and amenities at a price within their price range.


Here's what we look for when grading our participating network of Approved Hotels and Approved Spa Resorts

Authenticity - real artwork and lithographs on the walls, real flowers and perfectly manicured landscaping, high thread count linens, real cleanliness under ultra-violet light inspections, real relaxation, and real high quality operations and safety practices.  

Technology - Easy to access, password encrypted, fast internet service, wall plugs to access power at all the right places, HEPA filtration to reduce allergens, smart thermostats, well-controlled shower temperatures and flow, televisions that show more than CNN an BBC news in English, kiosks for reservations at restaurants and activities, in-room massage services, and automated requests for turndown services.

Attention to Details - In room, complimentary bottled water, coffee and tea, in-room rain umbrellas available for guest use, a pillow menu, personalized services and recognition (special training that enables staff to remember names and preferences and details about guests. Newspaper delivery to one's room in a fabric carrier sleeve that is washable and reusable and collected each day after use by housekeeping. Washed, ready to peel and eat fruit available in guest rooms that is replenished daily. Menus that detail ingredients so that guests on special diet regimens can read and decide on their own what to order and when to ask questions or request alternatives.

Complimentary private sedan transfers - to local attractions, restaurants, medical appointments and nearby destinations.  Drivers are trained in how to assist mobility challenged guests, post operative guests. Call out services available to reserve a ride to or from an offsite location by phone to a uniformed driver in a marked vehicle.

Dining outlets - A complimentary glass of wine or prosecco or a fresh-squeezed juice to begin the meal is an inexpensive little extra that can be embedded into the entree price, a complimentary amuse bouche served with a dash of flair and creativity by the Executive Chef with his/her compliments and welcome. These little surprises go a long way. Coordinate with the rest of the house-wide personalization by noting the room number in the reservation record so that the Executive Chef knows who is coming for dinner, any allergies or special needs, or other details that show concern for the guest's pleasure and safety.  Always open outlets to order a snack or beverage on any schedule.  Wall plugs to charge tablets and phones for solo diners. Seasonal al fresco options to eat outdoors in good weather. Solo diners not relegated to the table closest to the kitchen doors. Half portions available for people recovering from a medical procedure that may not have their full appetite restored and those on restricted diets.

"No walk policy" - Overbooking will not result in a "walk" to another resort of hotel we didn't approve for that particular guest.

Is your brand ready to be an Approved Provider for our clients?

If you are interested in adding your hotel, resort or alternative accommodation to our network, let us know about your interest. The next time we are in the area on other business, we'll send an inspector by. If you want to be listed sooner, you'll need to cover flight and accommodation costs for the site visit and coordinate it at a time we can fit you in. Our inspectors are on the road about 200 days per year, so get your request in as soon as possible or you may have to wait a full year (or longer) for your site inspection.  Hotels, resorts, spas and alternative accommodations are welcome across the USA and at international destinations.

Medical Tourism Journeys offers more than 65,000 Approved Medical Providers and Health Facilities in 120 countries.

How we can help you

Medical Tourism Journeys planners customize the all-inclusive experience for individuals, couples, families and groups by selecting different levels of luxury and service to meet our clients' requirements. Those with a modest budget opt for basic packages at a lower cost, while luxury-seekers can book bigger suites and pay for added services and amenities.  We tour each one before adding them as Approved Providers in our Network. They must pass our rigorous standards and criteria. our Approved Spas and Resorts include both upscale adults-only properties and family properties where travelers with children are staying.

Our clients tell us that they don't want to or don't have time to deal with the logistics of organizing a mass-scale trip or figuring out what to do if something goes wrong. Our specially-trained travel planners share their personal experiences and their resort knowledge. They leverage resort destination contacts and stay three steps ahead using experience to sidestep avoidable problems. It takes an experienced travel planner to coordinate travel logistics for health and wellness journeys, especially when the group is traveling from different locations and airports on different airlines, using frequent flyer reward miles, and need special planning for wheelchairs, strollers, and other necessities. They trust our Approved Provider choices rather than take a chance with their own research on the Internet. Our clients know that someone is on duty around the clock if there's a problem, and if they need anything, they call us. We also make arrangements with the hotel so that risks of reservations not being honored because a previous guest didn't check out don't happen. That's not something an individual traveler can do on their own. But the main thing we do at Medical Tourism Journeys is listen to what our clients want and do everything in our power to make it happen.  That pays off in repeat business and excellent referrals to friends and families. Over the past 35 years, that's how we've grown our business to what it is now. 

Medical Tourism Journeys offers care coordination and complete travel planning to medical, wellness, dental and pharmacy tourism destinations all over the world.

We leverage our long established history and high volumes of travel arrangements to get your discounts that aren't available at other medical tourism websites. Approved healthcare and wellness providers are coupled with Approved Hotels in our network at various destinations around the world. When you call, you can inquire about our upcoming group and private tour packages for surgery, consultations, dialysis, spa and wellness programs to appealing destinations. Then let your Medical Tourism Journey Manager® advise all your options. We never just tell you to "get your own tickets" online or through a local travel agency. We have this policy for your safety, comfort and convenience. We don't make money on air travel reservations. What you pay goes directly to the airline. But we do it because it's the right thing to do.

Medical tourism travel planning and patient movement takes specialized training.

We choose the appropriate seating, meals and make arrangements throughout your entire flight itinerary for wheelchairs, oxygen access, storage of crutches or walkers inside the cabin, avoiding stairs, and connecting from flight to flight at huge international airport hubs that may require more than a mile walk to the next gate.

Your Medical Tourism Journey Manager® briefs you on what to expect, if you should have tip money ready for assistants, and if so, how much. They also make sure you have enough time to connect to your next flight if the wheelchair assistant is late arriving to collect you when the flight arrives without expecting you do sprint to the next flight if you are temporarily incapable of that kind of activity during your post-operative period.

Contact us any time, 24 hours per day to learn more about the tours we offer throughout the world several times each year for health and wellness and pharmacy tourism.

We arrange medical tourism journeys for your convenience wither you choose to travel with a group or alone, as a couple or as a family.  Your companion travelers are always welcome to join the group whether plan to visit with the doctor or just to participate on the tourist activities. Your Medical Tourism Journey Manager® will organize everything for you in advance - appointments, tours, hotels, transfers, and medical visits to the doctor and the pharmacy and an interpreter, if needed.  Ask about the kinds of tour packages we offer - from sedentary to active. Many of the activities on our tours are outdoors and may include hiking, biking, riding and climbing. At seasonal destinations, skiing is also available. Please advise your Medical Tourism Journey Manager® of your preferences when you call.

Your Medical Tourism Destination Coordinator will always be nearby and accessible from the time you land until the time you are ready to board your return flight home. While in flight, our travel coordinators keep an eye on your journey itinerary to take action if you miss a flight, are delayed or something else happens that may require rebooking or re-accommodation on a different flight and a hotel booking for a long layover.

Every Approved Hotel stay includes free Wi-Fi and strong internet connections. For smaller groups and family tours, we organize luxurious, private chauffeur-driven black sedans to carry you from place to place at your destination.  We also choose properties and tourism suppliers who will make you feel comfortable when you want to fall back on authentic comfort foods, native language TV and culturally aware staff to give you a break from the spectacular sights and sounds of the selected destination of your visit.

Payment for your Procedure and Medical Travel

Your Medical Tourism Journey Manager® also helps with payment arrangements. We would be pleased to verify with your insurance plan to determine in advance if your consultation with the doctor and your prescription costs (and possibly your related travel costs) will be covered by your insurance or employer. If the response is positive, your Medical Tourism Journey Manager® will obtain pre-authorization and pre-certification as may be required by your insurer.  If your insurer will not cover the procedure, Approved Providers and the Approved Pharmacies accept cash, check or credit card at the time of service or purchase.  Some of our US providers also participate in various financing programs - so please ask us what is available if special medical travel financing for your trip and medical procedure expenses would be helpful.

Learn more about how we can help you arrange your next medical tourism journey package.  Just complete the simple form below and one of our Medical Tourism Journey Managers® will follow up with you or your loved ones to get everything arranged in short order.

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