Medical Tourism Journeys is the only medical and wellness tourism company offering group tours to medical and wellness tourism destinations.

The pampering begins long before you arrive at your destination.  Your Medical Tourism Journey Master® will be in close touch before your departure to inform you of every detail.  Upon you arrival at your destination, you'll be whisked away in a chauffeured limousine to your hotel where the group assembles.

Designed for health and wellness tourism travelers of all ages, each tour is arranged at an interesting destination with a wide range of activities and themes. Among the activities we plan for you on each journey, a Day of Wellness™ is set aside where you can get a checkup, visit a sports medicine specialist and get a golf swing or tennis serve analysis, schedule a medical, dental, vision, nutrition or other consultation, or arrange a chat with a therapist about ways to decrease stress and increase mindfulness. 

Led by a Medical Tourism Journey Master® and a professional tour guide, our groups are limited in size to ensure that you won't be lost among the crowd.  You'll meet others who have joined us for previous medical and wellness tourism journeys and marvel as they rave about their previous experience – the friends they had met, the food, the indelible memories.  You'll quickly realize that taking time out for your health and wellness this way is something you look forward to and an excellent way to see the world.


Sharing extraordinary experiences enriches your journey

Share the laughter, share the breathtaking sights, sounds, flavors, make new friends from all over the world and find inspiration in unlikely places as you share your love of health and wellness and adventure.