Book Your Annual Comprehensive Checkup Today

When you invest time and money in prevention and wellness with Medical Tourism Journeys, the return on your investment comes in many forms, including:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Better Time Management
  • Early Detection and Peace of Mind
  • Have your checkup at a vacation destination of your choice
  • Use your HSA savings on air travel, hotel and medical costs
  • Use your preventive health benefits from your insurance plan (*subject to plan rules and limitations)


What's Included?

Medical Travel Journeys Annual comprehensive checkups include:

  • An array of age and gender specific diagnostic lab and other health screenings
  • Vision, hearing, and dental checkups
  • Full-body skin exam to check for skin cancer indications
  • Cancer screenings and risk assessment
  • Cardiac screenings and risk assessment
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis screenings and risk assessment
  • Diabetic screening and risk assessment 
  • Cholesterol screening and risk assessment
  • Alzheimer's screening and risk assessment
  • Nutrition and weight management consultation with a registered dietitian
  • Sports and fitness consultations (e.g., golf swing, tennis serve, runner's clinic) with a certified athletic trainer and sports medicine specialist
  • Dynamic foot orthotics evaluation
  • Comprehensive medication and supplements review and refills, as indicated
  • Executive Stress Management consultation with a therapist
  • Detailed reports of all findings to share with your medical providers back home
  • Free fitness tracker apps and devices to help maintain optimal health and fitness all year round

You Have A Choice

With Medical Tourism Journeys you have choices of thousands of destinations on 5 continents.

Choose to have your comprehensive annual checkup in hundreds of destinations across the USA or at an international destination where you want to take a short vacation or combine your checkup with upcoming work travel or an international conference. We arrange your entire trip to meet your needs. We'll also check with your insurer or employer to see if they will cover any or all of your medical and associated travel costs.